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Write Your Philosophy of Living and Earn BTC

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Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” People have to spend a certain amount of time staying in solitude to examine their focus and make a change accordingly. Only in this way can we have a clear understanding of who we are and what we can offer to this world.

Ray Dalio wrote Principles as his guiding angel for his work and daily life; Charlie Munger has a mental model collection to live a rational life; Naval is famous for his Haiku-like tweetstorms about his philosophy. Now, it’s your turn to write down your life beliefs and apply those words into action to live a fulfilling life.

Don't know what to write?

Here is an example of my life philosophy:

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim / Unsplash

My life philosophy is Flowism, a term I made up when my best friend asked why I constantly change my mind and never settle down on one idea, a place, a job or a person. I said, “I go with a flow. I’m practising Flowism.”

Going with a flow doesn’t mean you are a fence-sitter or flip-flopper. It’s a state of following your fate and evolving your thoughts and ideas constantly.

If the universe was an ocean, what we understand is only a drop of water. Nothing is certain. Nothing is for sure. Everything is impermanent.

I know that I know nothing. And then I could explore everything with my intellectual curiosity where fate brings me to.

That’s why it’s OK to change your mind regularly with independent and rational thinking as a foundation.

The reality is merely real. The concepts of time and space and cause and effect are an illusion. Therefore, who has the ability to define the objective truth based on our current understanding?

All things are neutral. Everything depends on our perspectives toward this world. We could choose to fall into nihilism, or we could choose to make everything meaningful to ourselves.

Remembering, life is a single-player game with sufferings from desire, departure and detestation. Once you accept this setting, everything you encounter in your life will be more acceptable and enjoyable.

The meta meaning of living is existing. Existing is a pain. Once we go into a flow state of an egoless mind, everything will become nothing. I am nothing. Nothing is painful any more.

Our thoughts and ideas, or so-called free wills, are inextricably tied to language, and language is socially constructed. We are all socially conditioned.

I try to say here may sound different from what I mean, but it doesn’t matter. Just go with your flow; go with your understanding of flowism because others, including myself, are an illusion as well.

Life is only making sense when you look back. So, go with flow forward and collect and connect dots on the way.

Remember, all things come to those who flow the way, as all wild streams and all unruly torrents drive eventually to great rivers and the sea.

Here is the list of names and schools that influenced my philosophy to my awareness:

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